Prince of Peace Statements


"Claimed by grace, we seek to welcome all, worship joyfully, grow spiritually
and share God's love."




In love we proclaim Jesus Christ to the world.
We affirm faith in God through community life as reflected
in our joyful fellowship of word and sacrament.
With the help of the Holy Spirit we enthusiastically witness to
and embrace all of God's Creation.




Prince of Peace is a community that exists to INVITE people to faith and
INSPIRE people with God's love so that they may
GROW in faith and
SHARE their gifts with integrity in the name of Jesus Christ.




Prince of Peace is a Christian community that exists to reflect God's love and
forgiveness for all peaple as revealed in the life and teachings
of Jesus Christ. We are committed to...

WORSHIP as a joyful experience of communion with God
through Word, Sacrament, music and Christian community.

WELCOMING all people, especially children and adolescents,
regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.

LEARNING as a life-long process to increase each person's
confidence and joy in Jesus Christ through prayer, bible study
and active service in our church, community and world.

LEADERSHIP that is inspired by the Holy Spirit and shared by our
Pastors, staff and lay leaders as we strive to live as a
Christian community with integrity.

Our understanding of our stated value of “welcoming all people” leads us to proclaim that we are a Christian congregation called to unite people from diverse backgrounds, enabling them to grow in the love of Jesus Christ. We therefore respond to the vision to which God has called us – to proclaim this good news and to welcome into full membership in our congregation all people without regard to cultural or ethnic backgrounds, physical or mental abilities, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity or age. We pledge to ourselves and all others that we will strive to live as a reconciling people in our life together and in our outreach to the world. This affirmation leads us to a commitment to ensure that the decisions and actions of our congregation will be based, without bias, upon the Christ-driven spirit of being an all-encompassing body of believers.

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