Participate in a Ministry

     Rooted in God and Bearing Fruit

Prince of Peace is a spirit-filled, warm community where members share both their time and talents. We believe in a shared approach to ministry and this booklet offers you an opportunity to become familiar with the various ministries within our church family. We invite you to consider serving where you can have fun and grow spiritually, at a commitment level where you feel comfortable.

If you have not been involved before or are looking for some other ministry opportunity, we invite you to consider sharing your gifts by contacting either the various ministry team leaders or one of the Participation Team members.  Participation Team is asking that each person in the Prince of Peace community become involved in at least one ministry per year. Please take some time for thought and prayer to see where the Lord may be leading you to get involved.

May the Holy Spirit inspire you and give you the wisdom and courage to respond to your Baptismal call.

Sincerely in Christ,
The Participation Team

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