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Babylonian Captivity and the Prophets (November)

Get the reporting sheet here.


The call story of many of the prophets have a similar pattern to them. There is a divine encounter, and introduction or greeting, an objection to the call, a commissioning statement, and a sign of empowerment. Look up 2 of the following readings about the prophets and read the passage listed.

Isaiah 6:1-13,  Jeremiah 1:4-19,  Ezekiel 1:1-3:11,  Daniel 10:2-21


Fill in the chart on the recording sheet with a brief description of the part of the story that matches each part of the pattern and where you found it in the Bible.



Think about some of what we have learned about the prophets of the Old Testament. They are called and often have some resistance to God’s call. They spoke for God to the people and often had difficult messages for the people and kings where they lived, and they often suffered for delivering their message from God.

Now look at the world around you and modern history. Who are other prophets that you see in our modern world? Pick one, do a little research about their lives. See if you can find information about each topic, their sense of call, their message, the community they primarily speak to, and if and how they have suffered for that message. Why would you call them a prophet? Write a brief 1-2 page “research paper” on the prophet you chose including what you learned.



FAMILY   The movie “Bruce Almighty” is not quite about a prophet, but it is about an encounter with God. Watch the movie with your family. See if you can spot certain scenes, like when Bruce asks for a sign and misses many, like the Israelites missing the signs that God wanted them to change their ways, or when Bruce finally figures out that he does indeed have the power of God and what he does with it at first, and then later when he begins to take things more seriously. What messages from God does Bruce have to deliver? Is he a good messenger of God? Why or why not?



Like the Israelite people, many around the world still live in all kinds of captivity. Some are forced into captivity and others, like refugees, make choices that still land them in an environment they can not control or leave. Take some time to listen to the story of a refugee. Click here to hear one.

 I would suggest "Episode Five: Salem’s Story" or "Episode Six: Afaf’s Story" as they are a little shorter. What is one thing you learned about the refugee situation from this person's story? What was most surprising to you?



Create a map. Be as creative as you would like as you think about how to put your life in a map form. Remember, maps use symbols and signs to convey their meaning. Think about, where have you come from? What wrong turns have you made over the years? What road finally got you to the present? Consider how you would symbolize your current location and then draw where you see your future going as well as some of the wrong ways you could go. What might keep you moving in the direction you want?



FAMILY   Think about what it must be like to not have a home or place to call your own. Consider what you might need while on the move or traveling for a long time. Research what current needs are at homeless or women’s shelters in your area and make a donation of some of those items.